Woofers For Dogs

Woofers For Dogs

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Anti-Slip Soft Fleece Snow Boots For Dogs! 

Set of four cotton and fleece dog slippers! 

- Size XS: 3.2cm(Length);2.8cm(Width);
- Size S: 3.8cm(Length);3.1cm(Width);
- Size M: 4.2cm(Length);3.5cm(Width);
- Size L: 4.7cm(Length);4cm(Width);
- Size XL: 5.3cm(Length);4.6cm(Width);

- Adjustable snap closure design to secure fit.

We cannot guarantee these will stay on your dog. Dog boots tend to fall off and get lost so buy at your own risk! We are not responsible if they fall off and get lost. 


                 A dog owner who's lost dog boots