The Story

I'm in the business of keeping your feet warm! :)


Before I started, I whitewater kayaked a lot: 

Lived and worked  in Whistler for two seasons of skiing:

Laura Nash skiing bro boots

And downhill biking:

I acquired this wolf hybrid in Whistler and named him Oolar:

whistler oolar bro boots

Served in the Royal Canadian Navy: 

Then flew with the Air Force for a bit:

Then started this company to keep your feet warm during our long Canadian winters. 

I've been wearing boot slippers indoors for more than a decade of cold Canadian winters. While it's easy to find boot slippers for women and children online or at the local mall, it's not so easy to find them in men's sizes. Boot slippers have been a happy part of my life for so long that I wanted everyone to enjoy them no matter the size of their feet. 

Stay warm, Canada! 

Laura Nash