How Green Are We? We're On Our Way!

The first design at was the original house boot for men: Bro Boots. 

The soles are made of thermoplastic rubber that is technically recyclable if you can find the right facility:



The foam that feels so good underneath your feet when you slip on a pair of Bro Boots is made from post-consumer, recycled foam that's been shredded and put back together (which is more environmentally friendly than grinding up the foam into a powder to produce newer foam. You can see the different pieces of recycled foam in our padding:

 As of February 20, 2018 we have committed to shipping Bro Boots only in cardboard with paper tape and no plastic. We already committed to Bro Boots stickers to label the boxes so we will continue to use those until they are gone and then cut out the sticker labeling process to save on waste. 

We are committed to seeking the best resources and most sustainable practices for our future products and are currently seeking outer material that has been recycled. Stay tuned in 2019! :)